The Effects of Cigarette Smoking On Your Oral Health

Learn about the harmful effects of smoking on your oral health.

By now, mostly everyone knows or has heard of the negative effects smoking cigarettes has on the human body.  But, for some reason, people still seem to buy cigarettes by the pack and smoke them.  Every time you take a puff from a cigarette your mouth starts to feel the harmful consequences.  No one wants to smile and show yellow teeth or even worse, start to develop mouth cancer.  Smoking cigarettes cause long-term effects on your oral health that will, hopefully, make you want to quit.

Starts With Your Teeth

When you take the first puff of a cigarette, all that nicotine and tar hit your teeth first causing them to discolor.  When nicotine mixes with oxygen, it causes your teeth to turn a dark yellow color which can be unsettling to the eye.  Sure you can invest in teeth whitening, but that is money you can easily avoid spending.  Smoking also increases the amount of plaque in your mouth which can lead to tooth decay.  If not treated, this can lead to teeth loss and removal.

Bad Breath

One of the leading causes of bad breath, or known scientifically as halitosis, is smoking.  In addition to dry mouth, smoking cigarettes causes tar and nicotine to seep into your oral cavities leading to what is commonly known as “smoker’s breath.”  Smoking also leads to gum diseases which also causes bad breath along with other negative health effects.  Cigarette smoke and tobacco damage your gums by separating them from the bone, leaving you susceptible to disease.  

Oral Cancer

When people take a puff of a cigarette, they are most likely relieving stress, not thinking about the long-term effects of their actions.  One of the most deadly side effects of smoking is oral cancer, which makes up almost 3 percent of all cancers, according to the National Institute of Health.  Smokers are more likely to develop oral cancer, with 90 percent of oral cancer patients being current or former smokers.  

Oral Care from Catonsville Dental Care

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