How Tongue Piercings Affect Your Oral Health

Learn about the negative side effects of tongue piercings.

Body modification, from piercings to tattoos, is extremely popular today and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  Body piercings, specifically those on the tongue, are a form of self-expression and allow people to be creative.  Although, tongue piercings come with serious health risks and should be given serious thought before an individual gets one.  Several oral health problems are associated with tongue piercings.

Tooth Damage

One of the most common side effects of having a tongue piercing is that it can bump and scratch against your teeth causing them to chip.  The constant teeth scratching that is associated with a tongue piercing causes tooth enamel to expose leading to sensitive teeth.  You also have the chances of biting down on your tongue piercing causing teeth to crack.  Tongue piercing can also damage tooth fillings, which can lead to an unwanted root canal.  If your tongue piercing ever causes a tooth to crack, you should called the specialists at Catonsville Dental Care immediately to seek treatment.

Infection and Pain

There is always a chance of infection with any type of piercing if not treated properly.  Your mouth is an incredibly moist environment, so your chances of infection are increased with a tongue piercing.  There incredible amount of bacteria in the mouth especially with the introduction a metal object in the tongue.  It is vital that you take the proper precautions to clean your piercing especially the first couple weeks after getting it.  No one wants to deal with a tongue or mouth infection.

Nerve Damage

When you get a tongue piercing, you are at risk for nerve damage in your tongue.  Your tongue becomes numb when you first get it pierced which is caused by temporary nerve damage.  Although, the nerve damage may become permanent and can affect your sense of taste and how you move your tongue.

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