Simple Ways To Make Teeth Brushing Fun For Your Child


Follow our tips to motivate your child to brush every morning and night.

Motivating your child to brush their teeth every morning and night is exhausting! Are your tired of those tears of resistance and whining refusal to accept the imaginary airplane that is your child’s toothbrush? Fortunately, we have some solutions for you! There are creative ways you can make teeth brushing an exciting adventure with specific games and reward systems. The importance of Oral hygiene should be stressed from a young age.Read our blog this week if keeping up with your child’s oral hygiene has become a nightmare.

Make Teeth Brushing About Them!

Children love feeling special. When you recognize them as individuals, they’ll respond positively to you. Allow them to pick out their own toothbrush. Take them to the supermarket and point out the display with the cartoon characters. Who’s their favorite superhero or TV show character? Do they love Finn from Adventure Time or Elsa from Frozen? Have them pick it out and get them excited by saying Jake The Dog will help them brush their teeth that night! There are also sticker kits they can use to decorate their toothbrush at home. Anything that will make them feel special will motivate them to brush at home will work. 

Play Fun Games

There are a ton of creative games you can use when brushing their teeth. A mundane chore should always be transformed into a fun time! You do this all the time when you put music on while you mop, or dance around while sweeping. Your child deserves the same. Give them their new toothbrush and have them brush their favorite animal’s teeth. Playing ‘mommy’ for a change will make them want to do the same with you. Allow them to brush your teeth too! They look up to you and seeing you cleaning those pearly whites makes them want to do the same. You can make it a counting game too! Have them brush each tooth individually and count with them as they do so. When they’re finished with a tooth, cheer them on! “Yay tooth number 10 is squeaky clean! Hooray!”

Use Technology

There are awesome applications for your cell phone specifically for motivating children to brush morning and night. Brush DJ plays two minutes of music while they foam up their mouths, which is the recommended time for brushing. Another equally as practical application, Star Teeth, allows your child to pick a character who encourages them while running that toothbrush back and forth across their growing teeth. Getting your child to brush daily isn’t impossible! You just need to get creative sometimes. You have to admit, these activities do sound pretty fun. Are you brushing every morning and night?

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