My Teeth Are Greying, What Do I Do?


A gray tooth could be a sign of lack of blood flow. Dental attention should be sought immediately.

As we age, our teeth are going to inevitably change color. Sometimes, however, you might notice a dullness or grey-discoloration to a specific tooth. This could be more serious than a simple cosmetic concern. Often times, a grey tooth is a sign of an underlying condition that could require immediate treatment. You should seek dental attention right away if your teeth are greying. Oral complications should not be taken lightly. Your teeth matter! You don’t want to grow old and have them fall out. Practice self-care by reading on to find out more about tooth discoloration and what it means for your oral health.

What Causes Grey Teeth?

Oral trauma is the most common cause of greying teeth. The dullness is associated with loss of blood flow. If your tooth is shifted, cracked, or chipped from a forceful impact, it could lose blood flow and eventually die. It could take a while, however. Sometimes your tooth won’t start to grey from blood loss for years. Specific impact to your tooth does not, necessarily, need to be associated with an oral injury. Grinding your teeth, or biting down awkwardly on one could cause blood flow to be cut off from it as well. In the rarest cases, bleeding occurs inside the tooth. Bacteria may be infecting the area surrounding dead nerve tissue. Immediate dental care must be sought if your teeth are greying.

How Do You Treat Grey Teeth?

An injured tooth often requires a root canal procedure. This removes dead and decaying tooth matter from furthering any possible oral infections. Once you’ve gotten your root canal procedure taken care of, bleaching and tooth whitening can be done to return your tooth to its original luster. A dental crown is another restoration technique your dentist will suggest using to return teeth to normal. If more than one tooth is greying, you may need dental veneers to restore your whole smile. Contact our offices right away for any of these services!

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