Common Childhood Dental Problems

pediatric dentistry problems

When it comes to pediatric dentistry, the problems are unique.

When it comes to your children, dental hygiene is as important, if not more important. Their teeth are fragile, and problems early on can lead to a lifetime of issues. Once those teeth start to show up, it’s time to start teaching your little one how to take care of them. Even still, problems can arise. What are the most common childhood dental problems that kids experience? Most pediatric dentists report cavities and tooth trauma as the most common issue your child may experience with their teeth.

Crush Cavities

Cavities are the most common dental issue for people between the ages of 1 and 18. Ironically, they are one of the most preventable issues. Unfortunately, without proper habits and frequent dental visits, they can fly under the radar and develop anyway. Most dentists recommend that children should visit a dentist before the age of 1. Not only will it help them get a good jump on any dental fears, but it will instill good habits, and give your dentist a chance to check out your child’s mouth. From that age on, your child should visit the dentist about every six months for a check up and cleaning.

Baby teeth aren’t permanent, and this can cause a lot of misconceptions. It may be tempting to brush off the health of teeth that are destined to fall out anyway, but this sets your little one up for bad habits and potential long-term effects. Even the newest and tiniest tooth should be properly cleaned with a gentle brush or a bit of gauze, twice a day. This will help prevent cavities.

Troublesome Tooth Trauma

Children love to play, and aren’t always the most graceful creatures. With all of that energy, and tons of outlets like sports and recess, it’s no wonder that tooth trauma is a common childhood dental problem. In many cases, these tooth traumas can be chalked up to simple chips, and dentists don’t often recommend fixing cosmetic issues associated with baby teeth. Some traumas can be much worse, and may cause permanent nerve damage. If you’re worried at all, don’t hesitate to contact your pediatric dentistry professional.

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