Oral Hygiene: Why you Should Keep your Tongue Clean

tongue cleaning

Cleaning your tongue can be very beneficial to the health of your mouth.

Most people have their dental hygiene down, and have done the same thing since they were children. Brushing and flossing twice a day is a dental standard, but people often neglect their tongue. While your teeth and gums need all the attention they can get, your tongue is a truly important part of your mouth too. Maintaining a healthy tongue can be extremely beneficial to the health of your entire mouth. If you don’t know how, don’t worry! We can help you out.

Your Tongue and You

You know your tongue is important to taste. This is because it has an incredible number of tiny bumps on it that are called papillae. If you thought your tongue was smooth, think again. These tiny bumps provide plenty of places for bacteria to hide and colonize. One study found that one third of bacteria species found in your mouth are only found on your tongue. This means that your tongue is uniquely good at providing a good environment for bacteria. As a result, you need to keep your tongue clean. One of the most unpleasant aspects of bacteria growth on the tongue is bad breath, but it can also cause other health issues for you.

Cleaning Your Tongue

The gross reality of cleaning your tongue is that you essentially have to scrape off the bacteria. This can be done with a tool specifically designed for the task, called a tongue scraper. If you don’t want to go out and purchase a tongue scraper, your regular toothbrush can also be used quite successfully. Simply start at the back of your mouth and scrape or brush forward. The first few times, you might experience an issue with your gag reflex, but that should subside over time. Try to thoroughly clean your tongue each time you brush your teeth.

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