Your Oral Surgery Recovery Guide

oral surgery prep

Recovery from oral surgery can go smoothly with a little preparation.

The word surgery automatically scares many people. Oral surgery doesn’t have to be an unpleasant or scary experience. In some cases, you won’t even need full anesthesia, and it is almost always an outpatient procedure. If you are worried, the best way to ease your mind is to make sure you are fully prepared. Get the ball rolling by sharing your concerns with your dentist and getting answers to all of your questions. This will help you better prepare so when you head into the dentist for oral surgery, you’ll know what to expect and recovery will go smoothly.

Map out your Recovery

The hard part of oral surgery is not having the surgery performed, it’s the recovery. There is often minor pain associated with oral surgery, and pain meds may put you out of commission for a couple of days. Instead of stressing over missed work, or focusing on unpleasantness, give yourself ways to distract yourself. Before you head off to surgery, prepare your home for recovery. Create a den for yourself complete with comfortable pillows to keep you cozy and upright. Make sure you have plenty of things to keep you busy like books, movies, and games. These small preparations will make your time at home recovering more fun.

What to do the Night Before

On the night before your surgery, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. If you will need anesthesia for your surgery, make sure you have a ride to and from the dentist, and confirm the plans. If you only need a local anesthetic, you won’t have to worry about this detail.

The night before any surgery, you are usually advised to avoid food and drink for several hours. This varies by procedure, so make sure you have any information from your dentist that you need. The general rule tends to be to forego food and drink for 8 to 12 hours prior to surgery.

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