4 Interesting Dental Implant Facts

4 Interesting Dental Implant Facts

If you decide to replace the tooth with dental implants, you could avoid serious issues.

When you lose some teeth, it not only hampers your well-being but also your mental state. The inability to chew or speak correctly tops the list of issues accompanying a missing tooth or two. However, if you decide to replace the tooth with dental implants, you could avoid these issues and save yourself from putting your own oral health at serious risk. An implant is a lot more than just a long-term solution for missing teeth. It will help restore the natural tooth form and boost your confidence and self-esteem by filling in the gaps and bringing back your natural smile. Owing to the biocompatibility and aestheticism of your dental implants, they’ve gained significant traction. Read on to learn about some interesting dental implant facts!

Dental Implants Restore Natural Function and Form

Unlike the removal dentures that can slip, tip, or wobble while eating, one of the serious advantages of a dental implant is that they’re fixed into your jaw bone. The crowns and implant-supported dentures are fixed and resistant to any movement.

Dental Implants are a Permanent and Lasting Solution

Implants are your friends forever as they’re resistant to any decay, and if they’re integrated correctly, they will last you a long time. Also, they have great strength that will prevent them from dislodging, which in part helps them tolerate higher chewing pressures.

However, implants can be prone to accidents and trauma, so wearing a mouth guard while playing sports is smart.

Prevents Any Prematurely Aged Appearances

When you lose your set of teeth, the jaw bone will begin to change shade and recede. Moreover, the teeth space leads to a drooping of the corner of your lips and gives a bit of an aged appearance to your face. On the other hand, if you replace the missing teeth with implants, you’ll be able to maintain the optimum jaw bone width and height. This will, in turn, prevent any drooping corners of your mouth.

No Room for Speech Impairments

Did you know that the placement of teeth and the size of your tongue could affect your speech? If a tooth goes missing, it may be a reason for slurring speech or the wrong pronunciation of your words. Thus, replacing a missing tooth with dental implants can help with clearer speech without hampering daily conversations.

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