Normal Causes for Tooth Pain

Normal Causes for Tooth Pain

While there are many ways that the human body can experience pain, tooth pain is often some of the most uncomfortable.

While there are many ways that the human body can experience pain, from injury to muscle aches and more, tooth pain is often some of the most uncomfortable. Perhaps this is partly because our mouths are almost constantly in use, for eating, talking, even breathing, or perhaps it is because tooth pain can be such a large pain in a relatively small area. Either way, dental pain is usually pretty terrible. Dental pain can run the entire range of pain types, sharp and acute, dull and radiating – depending on exactly what is causing it, dental pain can even be different types of pain at the same time. Let’s look at several typical causes of tooth pain, and if you’re experiencing any of them you should call and schedule an appointment with your dental office today.

Tooth Decay

The most common and most well-known type of tooth pain comes from tooth decay that leads to cavities. When you’ve got a cavity, it is usually very sensitive to temperature changes (including hot and cold food) and possibly even to the pressure of chewing. If cavities go untreated, they may require root canals or extractions. In many cases, tooth decay is the result of poor dental hygiene practices, and once you have the cavity filled, you can prevent more by improving your dental care routine


Tooth trauma is the term for when an otherwise healthy tooth gets broken or knocked out when hit by something (like if a person is in a fight or gets hit in the face with a ball). A knocked out tooth can actually be fitted back in if you can get to a dentist within about 30 minutes (preserve the tooth by putting it in milk), and if you can’t reinsert your natural tooth, it could be replaced by an implant.  A broken or chipped tooth can usually be repaired or capped. Either way, in the meantime, the pain can often be pretty miserable. 


Periodontitis is a condition where the gums start to recede and expose the base of the teeth. This condition can cause lots of pain in both the teeth and the gums, but can also be treated by your dentist or by a referral to a specialist. 

Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth is one that doesn’t completely grow in and causes problems in the socket. Often the impacted tooth can lead to pain and swelling as well as infection. If you think you might have an impacted tooth, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible.

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