Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Consider

Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Consider

Modern cosmetic dental procedures collectively offer a wide range of solutions to address all manner of dental imperfections.

Been wishing for a smile of such high caliber as to both boost the ol’ self-confidence stores in perpetuity and turn every family photo/tiny ID portrait/surfboarding selfie (etc.) into a singular aesthetic achievement of breathtaking majesty? -Sure you are! Whooo isn’t.

…Good news on that front, friend. Modern cosmetic dental procedures collectively offer a wide range of solutions to address all manner of dental imperfections. Read along below as we explore some of the most common of these (literally) transformative treatments.

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

Whether as result of one’s habits or just by the luck of the gene pool draw, teeth sometimes wind up losing their sparkly luster—or can become outright discolored. In such cases, “nine out of ten” professionals recommend a teeth whitening, a cosmetic dental procedure involving the application of bleaching gels. The chemicals in these gels quite break down to disperse oxygen molecules that penetrate the enamel and dentin, a highly effective (and safe!) means to whiten eeth. Depending on the extent of discoloration, the procedure can take either few hours or a few… sessions. Either way, the end result is purely pearly.

Dental/Enamel Bonding:

For chipped, cracked, or severely stained teeth, dental bonding is a popular solution, and thankfully not too tough on the pocketbook. In this cosmetic procedure, “tooth-colored” composite dental-filling material is ever-so-skillfully applied and shaped to restore/revialize the tooth’s appearance (without looking unnatural). This versatile material, itself the eponymous bonding agent, is then dried via high-intensity light or mild chemical treatment. It’s a pain-free process, and a quick fix to boot.

Tooth Reshaping

If, like so many of us walking the long and unpredictable road of life, happen to have minor dental flaws like shallow pits, grooves, “worn” edges, small overlaps and so forth, tooth contouring and reshaping are both excellent options. The former, often referred to as “enamel shaping,” involves removing a small amount of (-well whaddaya know:) enamel with a handy-dandy polishing instrument. The tooth is then reshaped and polished to perfection.

Porcelain Veneers

For a more, say, “comprehensive” smile makeover, porcelain veneers are the go-to cosmetic dental treatment. These thin porcelain shells are custom-made to fit over the front surface of your teeth, a surefire solution for any aesthetic troubles that may have compelled you to be a habitually “lips-only” smiler. It’s another nothing-to-fear-here process: After removing a small amount of enamel, your dentist will take impressions for customized veneers. Once ready, right onto your teeth they go!—providing you with the jaw material (oof, sorry) for years and years of radiant smiles.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns and Implants

Dental crowns, or “caps,” colloquially, are custom-made to fit over an entire individual tooth. Made from acrylic and porcelain—an ideal combination, it turns out, for achieving the necessary co-existence of spotless aesthetics and flawless functionality—crowns dramatically improve the appearance of damaged teeth by effectively replacing them, though only in a superficial sense, obviously. Implants are another popular cosmetic dental option, whereby a titanium device is surgically affixed to the jawbone to replace missing teeth. A bit more invasive, yes, but sometimes the best option—and in any event, a very durable and natural-looking means of smile restoration.


Although the fact tends to seem bizarrely underrecognized, the opportunity to straighten you teeth does not in fact expire upon official admission into the ranks of adulthood. -And traditional braces aren’t by any means the only option. With discreet and removable “trays,” dental aligners gradually realign your teeth into a more symmetrical… alignment.

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