Taking Care of Your Teeth with Invisalign

Taking Care of Your Teeth with Invisalign

There are some ways to get more out of your Invisalign treatment, and that includes taking care of your teeth and Invisalign properly.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign is worth thinking about it as it differs in a few but significant ways. It’s not just about waiting for your teeth to straighten out—it also involves keeping your teeth and gums clean and preventing any tooth decay or gum disease. That way your smile is just as straight as it is clean and bright.

By the time you’re done with an Invisalign treatment, you can expect to be pleasantly surprised by how clean and straight your teeth are. However, there are some ways to get more out of your Invisalign treatment, and that includes taking care of your teeth and Invisalign properly. Let’s take a closer look.

Remove Your Invisalign Trays

One way that this system differs from traditional, metal braces is that your Invisalign braces are both completely removable and invisible. That’s why, as easy as it may be to forget, it’s important that you remove your trays when you’re eating to help prevent food from getting stuck inside your Invisalign braces. Likewise, before cleaning your teeth, you also want to remove your trays so you can get deep into every gap and keep your teeth completely clean.

Regular Teeth Brushing

While there are some differences between this system and traditional braces, one thing that isn’t different is how you should brush your teeth. Just like the rest of us, you’re going to want to brush your teeth twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush. As far as toothpaste, whatever fluoride toothpaste you like will do the trick. Brushing your teeth after meals is also a good idea if you have the time and access to your toiletries. If that’s not possible, rinse your mouth out with water after meals, and in general, avoid too much sugar, starch, or carbs.

Floss Often As Well

Even if you’re using Invisalign, it’s still important to maintain a flossing routine. It’s a critical process in getting any excess food that will become plaque out of the deep crevices of your teeth. Traditional braces can make it difficult to floss, but that’s not true here so make sure you floss and consider following up with an antibacterial mouthwash to help keep everything nice and clean.

Cleaning Your Trays

Your trays have to be cleaned in order to prevent bacteria buildup and excess food from sticking to them. Use your included cleaning system which involves placing your trays into cleaning crystals that should clean them within 15 minutes.

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