3 Reasons Why Your Child Has Bad Breath

Be familiar with a few of the cause of bad breath in children.

You teach your child to brush their teeth twice a day and to floss daily, but that may not be enough to prevent them from developing bad breath.  Bad breath, referred to in the medical field as halitosis, can develop in children for a variety of reasons not just due to bad oral health practices.  Once you know the underlying cause for your child’s bad breath, you can then effectively treat it and prevent it from recurring.  Discover a few of the reason why your child could develop bad breath.

Clogged Nose

Many times the reasons for your child’s bad breath are not even in their mouth.  When your child shows signs of bad breath, you should check if they can breathe well out of their nose.  A clogged or stuffy nose is a common cause for bad breath in children.  Whether they came down with a cold or they curiously stuck items in their nose, it is critical that you make sure their nose becomes unstuffed.  If your child has stuck an item up their nose, then see a medical professional for assistance.

Swollen Tonsils

Children usually have lower immune systems than adults, so they develop infections easier.  A common infection for children to develop is tonsillitis which can result in swollen tonsils.  If you suspect your child has swollen tonsils, then have them open their mouth and inspect with a flashlight.  If they have infected tonsils, then they will appear red, inflamed, and have white spots.  Even worse, your child will admit a less than pleasant smell from their mouth.  A common treatment for swollen tonsils includes an antibiotic.

Dry Mouth

It is critical for children to stay hydrated throughout the day especially if they are constantly active.  If your child doesn’t drink enough water throughout the day, they will probably develop dry mouth which can lead to bad breath.  Make sure your child brings a water bottle with them to school, so they stay hydrated.

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