How To Treat Your Baby’s Teething Pain

Learn how to soothe your baby when they start to teethe.

Even though it is not a fun time for your child, it is common for babies to experience teething pain.  It is common for babies to be around six months old when they start teething, which is when the two front and bottom teeth that grow in cause pain.  When a baby starts to teeth, it is common for them to drool, chew on solid objects, and cry from the pain.  Luckily, there are few simple ways to soothe your child once they start to teethe.

Cold and Cool

When it comes to soothing your baby when they are teething, one of the most effective remedies is a cold item.  A cold compress such as cool washcloth is the best method to soothe sore gums.  You should refrigerate your baby’s pacifier because they are naturally drawn to that item, and it will be simple for them to use on their own.  If you choose to use a chilled pacifier, make sure to watch them to prevent them from choking.


One of the best methods to soothe your baby’s tender and sore gums is to rub them.  You can either apply pressure to their gums with your clean pinky finger or a moistened gauze pad.  You should also look into a teething toy or an unsweetened teething cracker to help relieve your child’s pain.  Whatever remedy you choose, applying pressure and rubbing your baby’s gum will treat their teething pain tremendously.  

Hard Foods

Once your baby is eating solid foods, it is wise to give your child something hard to eat to relieve their teething pain.  You can chill a peeled cucumber or carrot and give it to your baby to gnaw on, and then watch the pain go away.  When your baby is eating an edible solid, it is critical that you watch them closely to prevent a choking hazard.

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