Why Dentists Have the Best Teeth Whitening Services

Why Dentists Have the Best Teeth Whitening Services
Teeth whitening is most effective, and also at its safest, when done at your local dentist’s office.

Whether you have a big event such as a wedding coming up, or you want to get rid of years of surface stains over time, teeth whitening is the solution you need. It can help make your smile more beautiful and radiant when done properly. And there’s no shortage of products out there that claim to help whiten your teeth – many of which you can buy at the store. However, there’s no substitute for the work of a professional dentist when it comes to your teeth. Teeth whitening is most effective, and also at its safest, when done at your local dentist’s office. Here’s why!

Guaranteed Results

A lot of products out there claim to be effective at whitening teeth, but how do you really know? The reality is that many of them simply aren’t built to whiten teeth very well, if at all. Whitening strips will do a little work, but the difference isn’t very noticeable. Whitening mouthwashes and toothpaste simply remove surface stains without treating those that are deep-set. Whitening treatments offered by dentists, on the other hand, are proven to work by treating the underlying causes of teeth discoloration. The results speak for themselves – a dramatic, noticeable improvement in the shine and whiteness of your teeth!

Quick Results

Many patients will notice an improvement in the whiteness of their teeth after just the first treatment with a dental expert. For best results, your dentist will schedule out your teeth whitening treatment over the course of a few weeks. Contrast this with the experience of those relying on over the counter treatments – many have been using every type of whitening product they can for months and still not see much of a difference in their teeth!


Teeth whitening can actually harm the teeth if done improperly. Many studies have noted a connection between tooth sensitivity and improper usage of over the counter whitening products. When your dentist draws up a whitening plan for your teeth, they will conduct a thorough analysis of your oral health and ensure that your teeth will be able to handle the treatment. They specialize in providing the best for your teeth, and they can help you make your pearly whites shine again – safely!

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