What Can Impact Your Dental Health As You Age?

What Can Impact Your Dental Health As You Age?
What can impact your dental health as you age, and how can you keep your pearly whites as healthy as possible?

When you think of your overall health, are you also thinking about your dental health? Your teeth and gums are a significant piece of the puzzle, especially as we get older. So, what can impact your dental health, and how can you keep your pearly whites as healthy as possible? 

Dry Mouth

There are many reasons your body may stop producing saliva as easily, including drug side effects. Chronic dry mouth may mean you’re not getting rid of bacteria, bits of food, and other acids that may erode your teeth faster, which can lead to cavities and gum disease. If you’re experiencing dry mouth, keep water with you and take lots of sips between bites while eating. 


Gingivitis is the first sign that your gums aren’t healthy, and you’ll typically notice pink in the sink while you’re brushing, or your gums may be red and swollen. Luckily, since this is the beginning signs of gum disease, it’s reversible, so be sure to make an appointment and have your gums looked at. 


Periodontitis happens if you’re not diligent about treating your gingivitis. This usually means you have some receding gums that will expose the roots of your teeth, meaning the roots may also start to decay. Without healthy roots, your teeth may begin to fall out. Gum disease like this is one of the most common ways adults lose their teeth. 

How Can You Keep Your Mouth Healthy?

Brush Properly

Make sure you use the right tools, like an electric toothbrush and an anticavity toothpaste. Using mouthwash is also great for protecting your entire mouth from disease. 


Plaque and bacteria can hide in the spaces between your teeth, so be sure to use floss or an interdental cleaner like a Waterpik can be great. 

Support Your Gums

Eating a balanced diet with lots of textures and nutrients can support your gum health and help you keep your teeth for longer. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, especially if you have a dry mouth, and avoid things that dry your mouth out even more, like alcohol and tobacco.

Catonsville Dental Care is The Best Choice for Your Dental Health

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