How Cosmetic Dentistry is Different from Aesthetic Dentistry

How Cosmetic Dentistry is Different from Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic dentistry tends to be commonly overlooked but it actually focuses on the improvement of your overall smile.

For the most part, aesthetic dentistry tends to be commonly overlooked but it actually focuses on the improvement of your overall smile. In fact, typically aesthetic dentists usually are those that can help create a healthier looking smile. The reality is, aesthetic dentistry is usually referred to as cosmetic dentistry — focusing on the appearance of a healthy mouth and smile. Ultimately, there are some key things to differentiate between cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry — so you can actually know the difference. Here are the biggest differences associated with both cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. 

Traditional Aesthetic Dentistry Procedures

There are some key things to consider when it comes to aesthetic dentistry. In fact, there are a few specific procedures associated with aesthetic dentistry. The reality is, you might want to take into account the most common types of procedures that are considered aesthetic dentistry procedures as opposed to cosmetic dentistry procedures. Ultimately, dental crowns placed over your teeth as well as bonding veneers to your teeth are both technically considered an aesthetic dentistry procedure. For the most part, surgically placing small implants in your mouth and installing braces to better straighten your teeth are also considered as part of a procedure that can be categorized as aesthetic dentistry. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

As opposed to aesthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry really focuses on the look and appearance of your smile and mouth overall. In fact, getting your teeth whitened is a very common procedure that is usually considered a cosmetic dental procedure as opposed to an aesthetic dentistry procedure. The reality is, you really do want dentists who focus on the cosmetic aspect of dental hygiene when looking for a specific cosmetic dental procedure generally. Ultimately, you want to find the best dentists who have the experience of conducting a variety of cosmetic dental procedures so you can really trust their work overall. At the end of the day, whether it’s an aesthetic dental procedure or a cosmetic dental procedure you’re looking to get done, finding a trusted and reliable professional is the best approach to take with any of your dental procedures to ensure they are effective so your mouth looks great for many years to come. 

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