The Main Causes of Bad Breath

The Main Causes of Bad Breath
Bad breath can impact how we feel in social situations, leading to embarrassment or even anxiety.

Bad breath is more of a medical issue than people realize. In fact, it’s otherwise known as halitosis and it’s believed that around 30% of people are affected by bad breath at some point. Bad breath can impact how we feel in social situations, leading to embarrassment or event anxiety.

There are so many products on the market today that are meant to target bad breath specifically. However, most of these products only combat the symptom—the bad breath itself—instead of treating the underlying causes. There are a number of causes behind bad breath, so it’s important that you are able to recognize them and seek proper oral treatment to take care of the problem for good.


As food breaks down, tiny food particles end up lodged between your teeth. That often means organic materials that are decaying right in your mouth. As you might imagine, that can cause smelly breath, especially with certain aromatics including onion and garlic. These items can even have an impact on your breath through your bloodstream, so it’s always critical that you monitor your diet and note any changes in your oral hygiene that may result from what you’re eating.

Dental Hygiene and Bad Breath

While your diet can lead to food particles getting trapped between your teeth, a solid dental hygiene routine should combat that issue. That means proper brushing and flossing regularly before particles are able to break down and cause unwanted smells. Otherwise, plaque will build up and you will develop bad breath.

Illnesses and Bad Breath

Certain kinds of diseases can cause bad breath as well. This includes liver failure, metabolic diseases, cancer, and more. If you’re dealing with bad breath even after visiting your dentist and ensuring your oral hygiene routine is where it should be, it may be worth visiting your primary care physician just to get the green light on any other possibilities.

Mouth, Nose, & Throat

Any kind of inflammation or infection in your mouth, nose, throat, or sinuses can end up impacting how your breath smells. This is especially the case with our tonsils, which are susceptible to bacteria clinging onto them and creating unwanted odors. You may want to see a specialist if you’re dealing with persistent issues in the mouth, nose, and throat category of health.

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