Common Indicators That You’ve Lost a Filling

Common Indicators That You’ve Lost a Filling
A filling can unexpectedly detach, and it can be hard to tell.

Even the best brushers and fiercest flossers can sometimes meet with misfortune on the dental front. A cavity may somehow breach your defenses and need to be filled. And sometimes—adding insult to injury—a filling can unexpectedly detach! This could happen for any number of reasons, but most likely among them are:

  • any force of impact to the face
  • formation of another cavity beneath the filling
  • biting into/chewing hard or sticky foods
  • teeth-grinding or jaw-clenching causing the repair work to gradually loosen

It can be a tricky situation, as the detachment itself often goes unnoticed. Shortly afterward, though, you’re likely to experience some unusual and potentially uncomfortable activity in your mouth. Since this scenario requires urgent dental attention, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these common indicators that you’ve lost a filling.

1. Sudden Pain 

You’re going about your day with nary a dental care in the world when wham!, a sharp pain in the mouth assails you. What gives?? Well, your filling, perhaps. If that protective coating has come off, the tissue below it is newly exposed and potentially very sensitive. Anything coming into contact with the area is liable to get those pain signals broadcasting—even a breath of crisp, formerly-refreshing winter air.

2. Increased Sensitivity to Food and Drink Temperatures

Of course, if breathing chilly air is enough to aggravate the exposed inner depths of your tooth, consuming anything hot or cold is going to be significantly less pleasant than normal… Depending on the nature of your filling (and its loss), that normally-invigorating first sip of morning coffee might instead provide your first clue that something is orally amiss: wham!

3. Food Getting Stuck Where a Filling Once Was 

Pain isn’t always guaranteed with a lost filling; it’s all dependent on the nature of the original cavity and repair. Rest assured, though: if one does fall out, your newly vulnerable tooth will likely find some way to get your attention. If you notice food consistently collecting in a certain spot, it may well be packing in the vacated space of—you guessed it—a former filling.

4. Noticing New Flaws in Your Teeth

Say you’re brushing diligently away, then suddenly notice in the bathroom mirror that one of your teeth inexplicably has a hole in it. -This would be more than a little disconcerting, but in the event that you ever find yourself in this situation, remember: a lost filling is far and away the most likely explanation. Contact your dentist’s office to schedule an examination if you experience any of these symptoms, and your mouth will be on the mend in no time. 

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