The Best Ways to Keep Your Invisalign Clean

The Best Ways to Keep Your Invisalign Clean

You can enjoy the best results when you keep your Invisalign clean and follow all care and use instructions.

Congratulations, you’ve finally taken the Invisalign plunge! After years of embarrassment about crooked teeth or dealing with an underbite or misaligned jaw, you are taking the first step toward straightening your smile and making your dental health experience smoother. However, now that you have Invisalign, you must manage the daily care of your aligners. You can enjoy the best results when you keep your Invisalign clean and follow all care and use instructions. If you ever have questions, contact Catonsville Dental Care for help from your dentist. 

Don’t Eat or Drink with Aligners In 

If you are wearing metal braces, there is an extensive list of foods you should avoid so debris doesn’t get caught up in the wires. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that you don’t have to avoid certain foods altogether because all you have to do is take out your aligners before eating or drinking. Doing this keeps your aligners free from damage (from sharp foods like pretzels, for example) and stains (from soda, coffee, pasta sauce, etc.).

Soak Aligners Daily 

Invisalign crystals are the best product for soaking your liners. They come in packs of 50, which can last you about two months. Follow the instructions and leave your Invisalign soaking for 15 to 20 minutes. This removes plaque and bacteria from the aligners and ensures they are ready to wear for the day.

Don’t Leave Invisalign Aligners Out 

Leaving your aligners exposed and out in the open can cause bacteria growth. It also makes it easy to accidentally toss your aligners into the trash! Every time you take out your aligners, make sure to put them in their case. This prevents bacteria growth as well as dirt and dust from forming. 

Don’t Use the Wrong Cleaners

Brushing your Invisalign trays with water and specialized cleaning solutions can keep them clean. However, if you use the wrong type of cleaner, you can damage your trays. Avoid denture cleaners, mouthwashes, scented soaps, and abrasive toothpaste. You should also avoid soaps or cleansers with added dyes, which can stain your trays. Cleaning trays with hot water can also change their shape, so only use lukewarm or cold water when cleaning. 

Rinse Aligners 

Every time you take your aligners out, rinse them under cold water. You only need to soak them once a day, but rinse them briefly every time you remove them to rid them of any lingering bacteria or food particles. If you need guidance or more tips on how to keep your Invisalign clean, contact Catonsville Dental Care today. 

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