How Does Invisalign Actually Straighten Your Teeth?

How Does Invisalign Actually Straighten Your Teeth?

There are a lot of things that need to be clarified about Invisalign, including the fact that it will only work if your teeth are just a bit crooked.

There are a lot of things that need to be clarified about Invisalign, including the fact that it will only work if your teeth are just a bit crooked. This is much more than a retainer and could certainly help with straightening your teeth, regardless of how crooked they actually are. In rare cases, your crooked teeth need actual braces but this is typically due to severe misalignment of your jaw. In general, crooked teeth can be made to look perfect through the use of Invisalign. Read on for some facts that you should know about when it comes to straightening your smiles!

The Invisalign Process

Though some people think that Invisalign is just a retainer, this isn’t the case. At the end of the treatment, we’ll give the patient a retainer to wear in order to make sure that teeth remain in one place. However, while straightening the someone’s teeth, the patient will be wearing a set of aligners. These aligners are a high-tech solution that we make with the use of computer imaging software to predict how your teeth will move. Every aligner only moves your teeth slightly, so the next one in the set has to build upon what the last one did, and so on. This makes it crucial to wear the aligners in order. Every time a patient wears one, it will feel tight, making your teeth more sore. After a while, it will start to feel a bit loose, meaning that it’s time to wear the next one in the series. Once a patient goes through all of your aligners, the teeth will more than likely be perfectly straight.

The Invisalign Timeframe

While we would love to say that Invisalign is able to straighten teeth faster than braces, that isn’t the case for every single patient. The length of time it takes to straighten out teeth depends on what the treatment does overall. It could take less time because the patient doesn’t have to wait for orthodontic treatments to make adjustments to any wires. However, teeth have to move in a set fashion, and people who attempt to speed it up could cause unnecessary irritation or damage to their roots. In order to avoid this, we have to move teeth gradually. Once a patient comes in for a consultation, we are able to discuss the treatment plan and how long it will likely take.

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