How Swimming Affects Your Teeth

Whether it’s a pool, lake, or ocean, spending too much time swimming actually can affect your dental health.

Some summer activities have a poor reputation with dentists–many of our favorite summer treats and contact sports can hurt dental health. However, you may not think of swimming, many peoples’ favorite summer past-time, as having any effect on your teeth. But whether it’s a pool, lake, or ocean, spending too much time swimming actually can affect your dental health. Here are some ways swimming can affect your teeth.

Swimmer’s Calculus

Many people are not familiar with the condition known as swimmer’s calculus. Just as spending too much time in the pool can leave you with a tan (or even a sunburn), frequent, prolonged exposure to chlorine can leave deposits on your teeth. Over time, this chlorine buildup can make your teeth look stained and yellow. This residue will generally affect swimmers who spend more than 6 hours per week in chemically treated water. Check in with your dentist if you swim a lot. They can help you remove the stains and may even recommend more frequent cleanings.


If you’re spending time at the pool this summer, especially if you have a pool at home, be sure to check the chlorine levels. Improperly chlorinated pools can have serious negative impacts on your teeth. This can wear away enamel, leaving your teeth especially sensitive or even brittle.

Mouth Injuries

Though we generally think of swimming as a low-impact sport, mouth injuries can occur at the pool or on the shore just like with most other activity. Games like water polo or water volleyball should be handled with care to avoid mouth injuries. Mouth guards are a good way to prevent mouth injuries during sports of all types, making them a must for looking out for your dental health this summer.

Tooth Squeeze

If you use snorkels or go scuba diving, you may be at risk of a condition known as tooth squeeze, or barodontalgia. Altitude changes can affect your mouth. The air inside your teeth can contract to match the changing pressure outside your body, and this can put pressure on your teeth, causing pain and damage to crowns, fillings, or dentures. Always check in on your dental health before going for a snorkel or dive this summer.

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