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Your body is an interconnected system. Any change to one aspect of your health can have an impact on another. For instance, did you know that stress can affect your oral health? Well, it can! Stress can lead to several oral health issues including:

  • Canker Sores: Experts believe stress could be linked to the development of canker sores, small ulcers that appear inside the mouth.
  • Cold Sores: Also known as fever blisters, cold sores are fluid filled blisters that often appear around the lips. Increased stress can trigger a cold sore outbreak.
  • Bruxism: Better known as teeth grinding, bruxism can be caused by stress, which causes you to clench your teeth subconsciously.
  • Unhealthy Eating Routine: Stress has been known to cause people to develop unhealthy eating habits, which could have a negative impact on your overall oral health.
  • Poor Oral Hygiene: Being stressed can cause people to alter than daily routine, often skipping oral health practices like brushing and flossing because they feel rushed.
  • Periodontal Disease: Better known as gum disease, periodontal disease can also be affected by stress, which has been known to cause an increase in dental plaque. And as you know from previous blog posts, dental plaque is one of the leading contributors to gum disease.

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How Stress Affects Your Oral Health

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