Signs of Potential Cavities

Signs of Potential Cavities
When it comes to cavities, you can nip them in the bud before they become problematic.

When it comes to cavities, you can nip them in the bud before they become problematic. In fact, there are some tell-tale signs that your cavity has reached the point where a professional might be the best solution. The reality is, tooth decay will usually form as a result of acids that have eroded due to bacteria that have eroded the enamel. Ultimately, these weakened areas of the tooth tend to be susceptible to erosion and decay if they are not treated immediately. Here are some key signs that you might have a cavity wreaking havoc in your mouth. 

Having Sensitive Teeth

As mentioned, tooth decay is all too common among people with sensitive teeth. In fact, sensitive teeth is usually a clear sign that there might be issues with your teeth — particularly when it comes to the potential for developing cavities. The reality is, there are nerve endings that tend to be super sensitive regarding the tooth decay that occurs as a result of having cavities. Ultimately, if you have a cavity forming, then it might be worth noting that your teeth will traditionally be sensitive to both hot and cold foods.

Constant Toothaches May Mean Cavities

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it might signal that there are cavities wreaking havoc in your mouth. In fact, pain is clearly a warning sign that there is a cavity lurking on your teeth. The reality is, with any cavities, tooth pain is usually a pain that starts out rather small that then becomes a more dull ache that is incredibly persistent — and seems to always be there — causing a lot of pain. Ultimately, a sharp, stabbing pain from a tooth is a clear sign that it might be worthwhile to call your dentist immediately because it might be a cavity that is at the root of the problem.

Discolored Teeth Could Mean Cavities

If you are experiencing discolored teeth, then it might actually be an issue with the oral health of your mouth overall. In fact, there is nothing worse than experiencing discolored teeth since they are hard to deal with overall. The reality is, poor oral hygiene will usually lead to discoloration of your teeth. 

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