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For 16 years, we have specialized in pediatric dentistry. Trying to get some children to brush their teeth is quite the struggle, but it needs to happen. Proper dental health should start young. Because children develop their habits very early in life, teaching the importance of teeth brushing and flossing is critical. Are you a Catonsville, MD resident looking for a doctor’s office that your children (and you) will love? Then, that’s us. Read on to learn a few common mistakes that parents make when enforcing dental health habits. 

Mistake #1: Not Cleaning a Child’s Mouth Before Teeth Start to Form

Technically, a child shouldn’t go in for their first dental appointment until they’re around three years old. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to keep a child’s mouth healthy before teeth even start to form. Children are known for drooling and their curiosity. Some children love to put things in their mouths, causing a lot of bacteria to get in there. You can massage your child’s gums with a clean cloth or a tooth thimble. This technique enforces that having a cleanly mouth is vital right away. Also, you can clean a child’s first teeth with gauze or thimbles. We advise that you always put proper dental health at the forefront before a child reaches their terrible two’s. It’s possible that they could put up more of a fight during this stage. 

Mistake #2: Allowing Your Child to Not Let You Brush Their Teeth

If a child is particularly fussy, some parents may feel inclined to give in to their whims. With dental health, however, you shouldn’t. Each time a child goes to bed without brushing their teeth (or allowing you to do so), it causes more harm than good. Eventually, most children let up and relinquish control once they realize that this routine is never going to go away. Also, communication helps. Try explaining to your child why dental health matters. Explain it from their perspective. We’re not suggesting that you scare your child, but if they’re very stubborn, you may want to show them a picture of a person who lost a few teeth. That should illustrate the point. 

Mistake #3: Not Watching Your Children As They Brush Your Teeth

Monkey see monkey do. Brushing your teeth with your children allows you to make sure that they’re brushing properly. It also makes teeth brushing a fun, bonding experience. The reality is that sometimes children rush or don’t thoroughly finish the tasks that we ask them to complete. Watching them avoids this altogether, at least until you know that they can follow through with teeth brushing alone. 

Are you interested in learning about our pediatric dentistry services? Then, give us a call. 

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