Are Silver Fillings A Health Risk?


Tooth color restoration is a great way to get rid of silver filling eyesores.

With tooth colored restoration paving the way for modern cavity fillings, some of you may still have dental amalgam (silver fillings). So why did we make the switch? Over the years, many have raised concerns about mercury components within amalgam filling material. The metal filling mixture includes silver, mercury, tin, copper, and small amounts of zinc, indium, and palladium. For the last 150 years, silver fillings have been used to treat mild to severe cavities and tooth infections. A much less costly alternative to tooth colored restoration, amalgam is still used by some dental practices. Let’s debunk the apparent health risks associated with silver fillings, this week, and explore alternative filling options if you want to play it safe.

Food And Drug Administration Research

In 2009, the Food and Drug administration did extensive research on the harmful effects of silver fillings. They found that little to no reason to limit the use of amalgam fillings, they concluded that these fillings are safe for adults and children above the age of 6. Releasing extremely low levels of mercury vapors does not carry adverse health effects. However, most of the concern associated with silver fillings stems from public knowledge of high mercury vapor exposure, which often results in complications with the brain and kidneys. The FDA has established no association between dental amalgam and use and health effects within the general population.

Why Mercury?

Mercury is a toxic element. So, you might ask why we use it for our oral health concerns. Mercury acts as a binding agent that fuses the other metals in silver fillings together. Without it, your fillings would be far less durable. Mercury is necessary for creating a solid filling to protect rotting portions of the teeth.

Should I get My Amalgam Fillings Removed?

Many patients will do this for cosmetic reasons. When opening the mouth to yawn or yell, silver fillings are an obvious indicator of former cavities. This can be embarrassing, especially when you have a lot. Tooth colored restoration can be done to silver fillings so no one notices. However, if there’s no complications to the tooth beneath your metal fillings, removing them is ill advised. The complete removal could result in unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure, and could expose you to higher levels of mercury vapor.

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