How to Show Your Dentures Some TLC

How to Show Your Dentures Some TLC
It’s essential to take care of dentures like you would your natural teeth.

When you have a custom fit, dentures can be surprisingly comfortable. In some cases, a patient may not feel like they’re wearing their dentures at all. However, it’s still essential to take care of dentures like you would your natural teeth. Dentures can last well over a decade if you take care of them. Otherwise, they can wear out quickly. For that reason, you should always show them tender love and care, or TLC. Here are a few maintenance tips. 

Wear Them Regularly 

This tip may sound funny. However, many people neglect to wear them as much as they should. You should wear them regularly because you don’t want them to dry out or deform. In addition, you should always soak them in water when you are sleeping. Also, the best way to get used to new dentures is by wearing them. The goal is to make your adjustment period much shorter. 

Take Dentures Off Before Bed

While we advise regular wear, you should wear dentures before bed. It’s best to give your mouth and gums a break. While you’re sleeping, you won’t have to face people (unless it’s your significant other or spouse, of course). Some people forget to wash their faces at night or brush their teeth at night. Then, others fall asleep without removing their false teeth. It’s best not to leave bacteria sitting overnight to avoid an infection. 

Clean Them Regularly and Properly

It would be a practical idea to soak your dentures in water, but not only the night before you come to see us. Plenty of cleansers exist to ensure that there aren’t any foul smells. In addition, made-for-dentures cleaners won’t be as abrasive as toothpaste. Use warm as opposed to boiling water and brush them gingerly. Boiling water can warp the shape. 

Say “No” to DIY Repairs 

Everyone loves to save money. However, in this case, it’s best to leave denture repair to the professionals. They have complicated designs and structures that aren’t worth the headache. If you no longer have the proper fit, reach out to us. We have the adequate and appropriate tools and expertise to adjust them correctly. 

Why You Should Wear Them

Why should you wear them or invest in them in the first place? Well, because no one likes experiencing discomfort when they eat and chew. In addition, with a new smile, you might discover newfound confidence. Also, addressing your dental health in this way can keep your jaw structure intact, which reduces sagging and dropping. If you’re ready for a new-and-improved smile, Catonsville Dental Care has the compassion and expertise to take care of any person who walks through our doors.

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