How to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

How to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery
If you’re considering wisdom teeth removal surgery, follow these steps to recover as best you can.

Between evolution and changes to how we live our lives over the years, our wisdom teeth aren’t all that useful anymore. In fact, it can be quite the opposite: many of us don’t have enough room in our mouths to adjust to an incoming set of teeth, which may lead to dental health problems down the road.

That’s why we often remove our wisdom teeth via wisdom tooth extraction. It’s a fairly involved procedure, but one that happens all the time, so we have good information about how it’s done and how to recover from it afterward. If you’re considering wisdom teeth removal surgery, follow these steps to recover as best you can.

Watch For Blood

After the first 24 hours, you may notice some spot bleeding which is completely normal after a procedure like this. Just sit upright and avoid any vigorous activity that may cause the problem to worsen. If you need to manage the bleeding, rinse your mouth out and then bite down on gauze. If you notice excessive bleeding continuing after that first day, contact your dentist right away.

Take Medication

Any prescribed medication after wisdom teeth removal surgery will help to lessen the tooth pain and swelling that will likely happen after a procedure like this. Just make sure you’re staying on top of taking your meds and are taking them at the indicated intervals. It’ll go a long way in managing any pain you’re going to feel after having a teeth extraction surgery.

Get Enough Rest

As with any health-related recovery period, it’s important that you let yourself rest. Don’t just slide back into a busy routine and push your body as hard as you can. Tooth extraction is intensive, and you need to let yourself heal. Avoid heavy exercise and take it slow at work. You don’t want the blood clot to move and cause more issues. If you’re laying down to rest, keep your head elevated by using pillows to prop it up.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is often important when it comes to dental hygiene and related procedures. Drink plenty of water and, if you want anything else, stick to natural fruit juices. Avoid using a straw or drinking caffeinated / carbonated drinks for 24 hours after having your wisdom teeth removed as well.

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