Gum Disease Myths Debunked

Gum Disease Myths Debunked
Despite the fact that we’re all at risk for gum disease, some people still choose to neglect their dental health.

Despite the fact that we’re all at risk for gum disease, some people still choose to neglect their dental health and even skip their visits to the dentist. As a result, we see people who come in with gum disease and never saw it coming. Unfortunately, this is often due to many of the myths surrounding gum disease that make people think they have no reason to worry at all. We’re here to debunk those myths and shed some light on the real problems associated with gum disease.

You Can Tell If You Have It

There certainly are some symptoms of gum disease that can be recognizable. This may include inflammation, bleeding gums, and poor-smelling breath, all of which can happen when enough bacteria accumulates beneath your gum line. The infection can even end up getting into your blood and causing other health issues.

However, that’s not true for everyone. Some people are asymptomatic and show no signs of disease even though they have it. That’s part of why it’s important to regularly visit your dentist and get checked.

You’ll Likely Lose Teeth

There is a possibility that disease will result in tooth loss but it’s just that—a possibility. Extensive gum disease doesn’t always mean you have to lose a tooth and it will depend on each patient’s specific situation. Treating the disease early enough should prevent any major issues including losing a tooth.

Only Sick People Get Gum Disease

Some people believe that only someone with other health issues may end up developing gum disease. The truth is, it’s possible for anyone to get the disease, and the likelihood that you get it is based on a huge number of additional circumstances. Age, stress, smoking, heredity: these are all factors that can impact whether or not you’re predisposed to getting the disease. The best way to prevent it is to maintain a strict oral hygiene routine and visit a dentist regularly.

Bleeding Gums is Common

If your gums are regularly bleeding, you might think it’s simply a result of being forceful while flossing or brushing your teeth. But it could be a sign of gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease. If you see any blood in your saliva after brushing or if your gums are starting to look red and inflamed, you should go visit a dentist and get your gums checked.

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