How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity
With a little care and thought, you can prevent tooth sensitivity from becoming a part of your life.

Brushing Gently

It’s a myth that brushing your teeth more vigorously will help them get cleaner. In fact, it will do more harm than good in the long run because repeated tough brushing can cause the teeth to pull slightly away from the gums. This can expose parts of the nerve and lead to tooth sensitivity. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush gently, using short strokes and an up and down motion, not side to side.

Use Fluoride Mouthwash

Fluoride is proven to strengthen the enamel in teeth and protect against sensitivity. In addition, mouthwash can also protect against cavities and tooth decay – other common causes of sensitive teeth, according to the American Dental Association. Choose an ADA-approved product, and make sure to rinse with the mouthwash after brushing your teeth, not before.

Avoid Acidic Drinks for Tooth Sensitivity

Acidic food and drinks can add to the stress on your enamel and cause the gumline to recede. And carbonated soft drinks are not only acidic, but usually feature loads of sugar as well. If you want to enjoy things like citrus fruits, try adding them as part of a meal, since the other foods of the meal can serve as a buffer and lower the pH in your mouth as a whole. And once consumed, don’t brush your teeth for at least a half hour afterwards, since this may cause more damage to the enamel.

See Your Dentist

Sensitive teeth are bothersome as it is, but it can also become the precursor to more serious tooth issues down the line if not addressed promptly. Seeing your friendly neighborhood dentist can be the first step in getting your dental health back in shape. Addressing the problem quickly can help your teeth start to feel better sooner!

Get Treatment for Your Tooth Sensitivity at Catonsville Dental Care 

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