How to Prevent Cavities

Cavity Prevention

To help minimize the damage of cavities, see your dentist regularly!

The word “cavity” actually refers to the hole or structural damage to a tooth that is caused by bacteria. Bacteria attacks the two outer layers of your teeth called the enamel and dentin. These layers help to protect the soft living tissue underneath. This tissue is called the pulp. Is there a way to protect your teeth from getting cavities? Let’s explore the causes, symptoms, and prevention!

The Causes

Sugar is just one of the major causes of cavities. The main cause of these holes is actually plaque. Plaque can hide bacteria that attack the teeth but when you clean your teeth, the plaque is removed. If you are not consistent in your dental routine, plaque and bacterium can build up over time causing tooth decay. Another reason for tooth decay is sugar or an overall poor diet. Anything that leaves a sticky residue can cling to your teeth until it is brushed away. After drinking or eating something with sugar in it, you should brush your teeth. This includes natural sugars like milk, fruits, and juice or unnatural sugars like sodas and candy. Foods and drinks that are high in acids can also harm your teeth and leave them vulnerable. Acid breaks down the tooth enamel, softening it to make it more susceptible to decay. Another cause of decay can be dry mouth called xerostomia. It can be cause by genetics or by medicines. Saliva is a natural plaque inhibitor, but when your mouth is dry, your teeth are in danger from the plaque that would normally be washed away.

The Symptoms

Not all cavities will show symptoms but there are some things every person should be aware of when it comes to these problems. If you have a dull ache in your mouth, intense pain from food or drinks that are hot or cold, or sensitivity of any kind, it could be a sign of a cavity. If you feel holes in your tooth or see them when looking, you should see your dentist as soon as possible.


If you are concerned about your dental routine, talk with your Leikin & Baylin Dental Care dentist during your next appointment. One of the important things to remember is that sugars are hidden in almost everything. Checking food ingredients might be an important step to recognizing the dangers hidden in your food. Opt for food with less sugar or brush after eating these foods. While it is almost impossible to prevent all of these causes, you can help preventing cavities by being aware of the dangers and completing a good oral hygiene routine two to three times a day.

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