How to Handle Sensitive Teeth

How to Handle Sensitive Teeth
There are plenty of causes for sensitive teeth and you ought to see your dentist right away if your teeth are sensitive.

If you have tooth sensitivity, it might set your mind racing with possibilities. You may suddenly find yourself feeling discomfort or sensitivity whenever you consume hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and drinks. Brushing and flossing could even cause pain. Even breathing in cold air! There are plenty of causes for sensitive teeth and you ought to see your dentist right away if your teeth are sensitive. Once an underlying cause is established, that will be treated—but in the meantime, you also have to treat your sensitive teeth. Here are some possible ways to do so. 

Use the Right Products

There are a number of different toothpaste options out there that are meant to help desensitize your teeth. Switching to these may help. Likewise, there are plenty of mouthwash products out there meant for the same thing. Teeth mouthwash can relieve some of that discomfort of over-sensitive teeth and will even help strengthen your enamel.

Fluoride Treatments

Speaking of strengthening your enamel, it’s an important step in regrowing that protective layer that helps keep your teeth safe. Fluoride is known to be able to make stronger enamel. Your dentist may prescribe fluoride treatments or may even apply fluoride directly to your teeth in the areas that are the most sensitive.

Restoration Replacement

Sometimes teeth that are sensitive can be the result of damaged restoration attempts. A filling or crown could end up damaged enough that your teeth will feel sensitive. If this is the cause of your sensitive teeth, your dentist may put in a new filling or crown to seal that tooth up and protect the root from exposure.

Using a Mouthguard

Another cause of teeth that are sensitive is grinding or clenching. If you’re a notorious teeth grinder when you sleep and you notice you have sensitive teeth, the two may be related. Let your dentist know and they may offer a personalized mouthguard that you can wear at night to prevent your teeth from becoming any more sensitive than they already are.

Root Canal

It may come to a point where you can’t handle your teeth anymore and nothing else is working. If this happens, your dentist could suggest a root canal. These are usually a last resort procedure and it’s uncommon for them to be suggested as a fix for your teeth. However, a root canal isn’t as bad as many people think, so don’t worry too much either way!

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