How-To: Help Your Child Overcome Dental Fears

child-dentist-dearFebruary is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Now is the perfect time to start teaching your little one about good dental hygiene practices. For many little kids, the prospect of going to the dentist can be terrifying. There are strangers in sterile white coats, pointy metal tools, and scary sounds. With a few tricks and a little luck, February could be the month that your child gets over his or her dental fears.

Make it fun

Dental hygiene is not the most exciting part of your day. It’s a chore that takes up four minutes of your day, and sometimes it can even be a little bit painful and annoying. As parents, it’s best to keep that a secret. To really get kids on the right track with dental health, it has to be fun. Pick a time in the morning and evening to brush your teeth with your child. Set the right example by getting excited about it. Create a build-up to it by saying things like “Only ten more minutes until we get to brush our teeth!”

Children love bright colors, crazy patterns, and flavorful tastes. These are all elements that you can work into your dental routine. You can purchase toothbrushes with your little one’s favorite characters on them and ones that sing or talk. Mint is a perfect toothpaste flavor for adults, but your children might have fun with fruity flavors or something fun like bubblegum flavor. These clever touches will help get your child on -board with dental hygiene.

Overcoming fears of the dentist

Once you’ve got your child enjoying their daily tooth-brushing time, you can start working towards eliminating their fear of the dentist’s office. It’s important for your son or daughter to become familiar with their dentist. If your dentist is a parent-approved familiar face, your child will learn to trust them. Start off by taking your little one to the dentist’s office just to stop by. Interact with the staff and give your child an opportunity to talk to his or her dentist. This will help create positive associations with the office.

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Leiken & Baylin Dental Care of Catonsville

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