Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

tooth-covered-fillingsWhen you think of cavities, you think of little children who have snacked on too many pieces of candy. The reality is, cavities can happen at any age. Your teeth become more fragile as you age, and you are always at risk. While earlier dentistry relied on metal amalgam fillings, technology has made tooth-colored fillings a standard. Tooth-colored fillings aren’t just great for appearances though; they have many health benefits.

In past years, dentists used metal amalgam fillings as the go-to solution for your average cavity. These fillings were created out of a mixture of available metals. Today’s tooth-colored fillings are made of porcelain or composite resins.

The color

Your smile can be your biggest source of confidence when it is white and flawless. It can be your biggest source of insecurity once imperfections are thrown into the mix. Metal amalgam fillings look like you would expect. The dark metal presents a stark contrast to your pearly whites. Porcelain and composite resins on the other hand, are made to match the color of your teeth. Once they are set in place, you won’t even notice they are there. Metal fillings can also stain your teeth over time creating a gray look. This is not a problem you’ll face with tooth-colored fillings.

The method

The structure of the materials used for tooth-colored fillings is more similar to the natural material of your teeth. Whereas metal fillings were placed on top of the tooth as a method of protection, tooth-colored fillings bond to your tooth and actually help to rebuild and strengthen the structure. Even more compelling, in the process of placing a metal filling, a larger amount of healthy tooth can be compromised. Porcelain and composite resin fillings preserve more of your natural tooth’s structure.

Other benefits of tooth-colored fillings

Over the course of a metal filling’s lifespan, the material is subject to expansion and contraction caused by temperature change. As the filling changes, it can create cracks in your tooth. This can be extremely damaging. This is not an issue associated with tooth-colored fillings. On top of that, metal amalgam fillings often contain high levels of toxic compounds like mercury. The unpredictable nature of metal amalgam fillings is troubling to many. Tooth-colored fillings are safer for your teeth and much more predictable over time.

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