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Family Dentistry and General Dentistry: Are They the Same?

Friday, August 27th, 2021
Family Dentistry Catonsville Dental Care
Family dentistry holds so much value 

Catonsville Dental Care specializes in family dentistry. You can feel a sense of peace knowing that we can care for your entire family’s dental health needs. Our dental professionals are compassionate, empathetic, and warm yet experts in their respective fields. Our Monday-Thursday office hours are until 8:00. We understand that being a parent involves compartmentalizing. 

For that reason, our hours are late so that you can fit a dental exam into your busy schedule. What’s even better is that when you opt for a dentist’s office that practices family dentistry, you don’t have to drive to another place because we’re a one-stop-dental shop. Family dentistry has more advantages than general dentistry, and we’ll explain why they are not the same. 


Family Dentistry in Elkridge, MD

Friday, October 30th, 2020

Family Dentistry Catonsville Dental Care

We specialize in family dentistry, and would love to take care of your family

Heading to the dentist is a stressful thing for most people. Even when you’re going in for something mundane, like dental cleaning, you might find your anxiety peaking a bit. One way to control this is to have a good, long-term relationship with your dentist – something often best achieved by seeing a family dentistry practice.


Family Dentistry in Ferndale, MD

Friday, July 31st, 2020

Family Dentistry Ferndale Catonsville Dental Care

If you’re a Ferndale, MD resident looking for a dental home that’s beneficial for the entire family, come to Catonsville Dental Care.

If you’re a Ferndale, MD resident looking for a dental home that’s beneficial for the entire family, come to Catonsville Dental Care. From ages 3 to 93 and beyond, we’ll take care of your whole family. We specialize in family dentistry, we’re a lot of fun (check out our Facebook page!), and we genuinely and wholeheartedly care about each of our patients. Some things you just can’t fake, and what’s transparent is how much our team of professionals love their jobs. Here are the benefits of coming to a family dentist. 


Make Coming to a Baltimore Dentist One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Friday, January 10th, 2020

Have the smile of your dreams by coming to a Baltimore dentist

Our location is in Catonsville, MD, in Baltimore County. We’re one of the top dentist’s offices in Baltimore County for several reasons. Coming to any doctor’s office can be overwhelming and cause anxiety, but our mission is to make you feel right at home, primarily because we specialize in gentle dentistry and family dentistry. Here is why you should make coming to a Baltimore dentist, in particular, Catonsville Dental Care, one of your New Year’s resolutions. 


Discover Family Dentistry and Thanksgiving Tips in Baltimore

Friday, November 29th, 2019

Always be mindful of what you eat on Turkey Day

Here at Catonsville Dental Care, we specialize in family dentistry catering to Baltimore residents. We know that no one wants to hear about being healthy on Thanksgiving. It’s a time to relax because you’re off work, bond with friends and family, and indulge in delicious food. However, your teeth will thank you later if you’re mindful of what you eat. Your entire body will thank you if you’re conscious of what you eat. We’d never advise you to take the fun out of eating such delicious comfort food, but there are ways to combat weakening your enamel. Because we specialize in family dentistry, we care about the oral health of your tiny tots, the elders in your family, and everyone in between. Here are some Thanksgiving oral health tips that you can use each holiday.  


Catonsville Dental Care Specializes in Family Dentistry in Owings Mills

Friday, July 19th, 2019

Are you looking for a dentist’s office that specializes in family dentistry? Look no further!

Do you live in the Owings Mills area? Are you looking for a dentist’s office that specializes in family dentistry? Then, visit our excellent dentists here at Catonsville Dental Care. Young or old, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry that will give anyone the smile of their dreams. Here we understand that having a crooked smile, missing or discolored teeth can cause a lack of confidence. We want to take care of your entire family, from 3 to 103. If you live in the Owings Mills Area, then keep reading to learn more about why family dentistry is vital.


How-To: Help Your Child Overcome Dental Fears

Monday, February 16th, 2015

child-dentist-dearFebruary is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Now is the perfect time to start teaching your little one about good dental hygiene practices. For many little kids, the prospect of going to the dentist can be terrifying. There are strangers in sterile white coats, pointy metal tools, and scary sounds. With a few tricks and a little luck, February could be the month that your child gets over his or her dental fears.

Make it fun

Dental hygiene is not the most exciting part of your day. It’s a chore that takes up four minutes of your day, and sometimes it can even be a little bit painful and annoying. As parents, it’s best to keep that a secret. To really get kids on the right track with dental health, it has to be fun. Pick a time in the morning and evening to brush your teeth with your child. Set the right example by getting excited about it. Create a build-up to it by saying things like “Only ten more minutes until we get to brush our teeth!”

Children love bright colors, crazy patterns, and flavorful tastes. These are all elements that you can work into your dental routine. You can purchase toothbrushes with your little one’s favorite characters on them and ones that sing or talk. Mint is a perfect toothpaste flavor for adults, but your children might have fun with fruity flavors or something fun like bubblegum flavor. These clever touches will help get your child on -board with dental hygiene.

Overcoming fears of the dentist

Once you’ve got your child enjoying their daily tooth-brushing time, you can start working towards eliminating their fear of the dentist’s office. It’s important for your son or daughter to become familiar with their dentist. If your dentist is a parent-approved familiar face, your child will learn to trust them. Start off by taking your little one to the dentist’s office just to stop by. Interact with the staff and give your child an opportunity to talk to his or her dentist. This will help create positive associations with the office.

With Leikin & Baylin Dental Care of Catonsville, you have the added benefit of extremely friendly dentists. Dr. Baylin even has a few impressive magic tricks up his sleeve that will help your child enjoy the visit that much more.

Leiken & Baylin Dental Care of Catonsville

If you have questions about family dental care, or it’s just been a while since you’ve had a cleaning or talked to your dentist, it’s time to make an appointment. You can contact Leikin & Baylin Dental Care of Catonsville, Maryland by calling 410-747-1115 or visiting CatonsvilleDentalCare.com.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article is not a medical professional. Information contained herein has been collected from sources believed to be reliable, and every precaution has been taken to ensure its accuracy. The information provided here is for general informational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care.