Food and Beverage Myths and Facts Relating to Oral Health

Food and Beverage Myths and Facts Relating to Oral Health Catonsville Dental Care

Oral Health Fact #2: Diet Soda Can Harm Your Teeth

Today we’re going to debunk and confirm food and beverage myths relating to oral health. The phrase “you are what you eat.” will forever be accurate. The things that we digest and put into our bodies impact our dental health and impact our overall health. Our goal is never to scare you away from the things that you enjoy. We’re only stating that it’s best to indulge in particular food and beverages in moderation. Remember that your health is your wealth. It would be best if you did anything to promote living a long and healthy life and have a healthy, beautiful smile while you’re at it. Here are a few food and beverage myths and facts!

Oral Health Myth #1: Fruit Juices and Smoothies Are Excellent for Your Teeth

Fruit juices and smoothies are generally a better option for your teeth versus candy, chocolate, and ice cream. However, you have to be careful because fruit still has fructose or natural sugars packed in them. Furthermore, when you puree fruit, you lose some of its natural fibers, often condensing the fruit to just sugar. Also, don’t forget that some fruit juices can be very acidic. 

Oral Health Fact #1: Bread and Pasta Can Harm Teeth

Sugar is not the only tooth-decaying culprit. Starchy foods like bread and pasta can become stuck in the teeth. For this reason, it’s vital to ensure that you’re cleaning your teeth properly and regularly coming to the dentist for dental cleanings. 

Oral Health Myth #2: Coffee Stains Your Teeth More Than Red Wine

Both coffee and wine have dark pigments and a high level of acidic ingredients, contributing to tooth discoloration. If you want to ensure your teeth are less susceptible to staining (who doesn’t?), rinse your mouth out with water after you consume coffee or wine, and wait about an hour to brush your teeth again. You can also consider our teeth whitening services. 

Oral Health Fact #2: Diet Soda Can Harm Your Teeth

Diet sodas contain citric, phosphoric, and tartaric acids, which are still harmful to the teeth. Be wary of both sugary and seemingly non-sugary drinks. 

So, What Can I Eat and Drink? 

You may be reading through this content and wondering what you can enjoy. After all, life is too short not to indulge in the things that you love. Remember to drink more water than you do acidic and sugary beverages. Also, never neglect taking care of your dental health daily. In a nutshell, the best foods for your oral health include fresh fruits and veggies, fatty fish, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, among many other options. Being healthy doesn’t mean that your food has to be bland or limited. Many dentist-friendly recipes exist! 

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