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CEREC®Technology in Catonsville, MD Catonsville Dental Care

CEREC® is a shortened way to say Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic

CEREC® is a shortened way to say Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. It’s a new state-of-the-art breakthrough technology that we use to reconstruct tooth restorations. This method uses computer-assisted design or CAD to offer single-visit restorations for patients. This advanced technology has changed the way that dentists tackle ceramic restorations such as crowns and veneers. Patients benefit because there is no longer a wait between restoration preparation and having the final product. Dentists use CEREC® while patients are in the dental chair, which saves patients money. These metal-free tooth-colored restorations bring strength, beauty, and function back to your smile. Here are some more details about CEREC®

The Exam and Preparation for CEREC®

Before you get started with this state-of-the-art technology, your dentist will determine if this is the best option for you. The determining factor is how much healthy tooth structure you have left. You may only need a mere filling, or you may need a crown. After looking at your options, a dentist will begin to administer an anesthetic and start preparing your tooth or teeth for restoration by removing decay and weakened tooth tissue. 

The Optimal Impression Process

A dentist makes the desired restoration with a 3-D image of the tooth or teeth that need attention. Dentists use a digital camera scan of the affected area. This method is beneficial because you no longer have to taste an unsavory impression. The computer and CEREC® 3D software work together to convert the digital image into a 3-D virtual model of the prepared tooth. 

What is a Milling Unit? 

A milling unit is a device that a dentist uses to create a custom restoration for their tooth or teeth. Based on the patient’s original tooth coloring, a dentist can select a ceramic block color that matches to aid in a natural-looking smile. This part of the restoration process is quick and takes no more than a few moments, and then the milling device can create the perfect restoration so that a patient can enjoy their smile once more. 

Placement of the Restoration

After a dentist is done creating a restoration, the next step is to ensure that the patient has the proper fit and bite. When the restoration is finished, a dentist will polish it and bond it into place. There isn’t a need for a temporary restoration, or do you need to make a return trip that saves you money and time. 

If you’re a Catonsville resident interested in learning more about CEREC® technology, reach out to us today! If you feel as if you may be eligible for this type of restoration, don’t hesitate to call! 

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