Dental Tips for the Halloween Season

Protect your child’s teeth from sugary sweets.

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that your children will be celebrating the spooky holiday at school and at their friend’s house. You may even have started early and snuck a few pumpkin shaped cookies into their lunch as a ghostly surprise. This is a fun time for you and your little one, and it’s important to ensure that they’re maintaining proper dental hygiene during the entirety of the season.

Candy, Treats, and Little Teeth

Halloween is associated with candy. The idea of “Trick or Treating” literally results in your child obtained a large bag full of sugar coated sweets that they will save for the next couple of weeks (or even longer). During the school day, their teachers will play seasonal games involving treats and other incentives. It’s important to follow these steps to ensure that your child won’t run the risk of developing any cavities.

Make Sure Your Child Brushes

Brushing before bed is always important, but perhaps doubly so during the holiday season. You can ensure that your child brushes properly by brushing your teeth alongside him/her.

Limit the Amount of Candy

While it’s important for our children to have fun, it’s also important to regulate their candy intake as best as you can. While at school, it’s less possible for you to control their eating habits, but at home, you can have more of an impact.

Teach them the Importance of Hygiene

The holiday season is the perfect time for you to sit down with your child and take with them about the importance of oral hygiene. Halloween is a fun time that should be enjoyed, but if they neglect their teeth, then the season could be a lot scarier than it already is.

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