6 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Less Sugar

Girl eating sugar lollipop

That tasty treat could be harming your pearly whites.

Whether you watch the news, read magazines, or just pay attention to what is lining store shelves, you’re probably aware that sugar isn’t the healthiest thing to put into your body. Recent research has continued to unearth less-than-attractive information about the effects of sugar consumption on physical health and oral health. Here are seven of our top reasons why you should cut back on sugar for your oral health and overall health.

Lower Your Blood Pressure and Bad Cholesterol

Added sugars, not found naturally in the food, can raise your blood pressure and bad cholesterol. If your recent bloodwork showed that you could stand to lower your LDL, cutting out added sugar is a great way to start.

Protect Your Teeth

Sugar can take a huge toll on your oral health. Whether you drink it or eat it, sugar will sit and eat away at your teeth until you brush or floss it off. Sugar can be especially harmful to baby teeth, so teach your child about the importance of making smart meal choices for their physical health and oral health.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Did you realize that sugar can impair your cognitive function if you eat too much? In a recent study, rats who ate sugar had slower responses and less brain activity than those who weren’t.

Get Over Your Addiction

Do you regularly consume large amounts of sugar at once? You probably get headaches, body aches, and other annoying symptoms when you haven’t indulged in a while after not indulging for a day or two. Studies have shown that people who eat high amounts of sugar experience physical symptoms of withdrawal when they don’t indulge. Stopping sugar can mean breaking that cycle.

Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Drinking only one or two more sugar-laden drinks a day will increase your chance of getting type 2 diabetes by a whopping 26%. With diabetes becoming a common health issue for people throughout the nation, it’s more important than ever that you take steps to avoid getting it.

Fewer Trips to the Dentist

While we love seeing you every time you come into our office, we know that the dentist is not everyone’s favorite place to be. Cutting down on added sugar in your diet will reduce your chance of getting any cavities or gum disease, so you won’t need to visit us as frequently.

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