3 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

3 Foods That Damage Your Teeth catonsville dental care
Did you know that certain types of food can actually cause damage to your teeth?

Did you know that certain types of food can actually cause damage to your teeth? If you’re the type of person who considers yourself to be a foodie, it’s important to learn about the damage that can occur from some of your favorite snacks. Next time you sit down on the couch to have a handful of treats, choose wisely, and your teeth will thank you! Some of the biggest culprits that can damage your teeth include sugary sweets. Since tooth decay is due to plaque, sugar buildup can cause plaque on your teeth and contribute to tooth decay. Want to know what else can cause damage to your teeth? Read on to find out these top 3 foods that can damage your teeth. 

Baked Goods, Sweets, and Pies Can Damage Your Teeth

It goes without saying that baked goods, sweets, and pies all contain copious amounts of sugar that can ultimately damage your teeth. When sugar builds up on your teeth for too long, it can cause plaque and lead to tooth decay. If you’re considering consuming sweets, consume them mindfully. Brush and floss your teeth after you consume any sweets and limit your sugar intake to help protect your teeth from tooth decay. 

Sugary Soda, Alcohol, and Fruit Juice

Next time you grab something to drink, don’t reach for a sugary soda. Believe it or not, even diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners that can contribute to tooth decay. For your healthiest teeth, grab a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Even fruit juice beverages and alcohol contain sugar, which can lead to damage to your teeth. The wisest beverage you can consume will always be water!


Crackers contain refined carbohydrates which can increase inflammation throughout the body. Since inflammation is related to numerous chronic diseases (hey, gingivitis and periodontal disease!), it’s best to avoid foods that can increase levels of inflammation throughout your body. If you’re looking for a snack with a quick crunch, consider opting for carrots or peppers instead of reaching for processed, box crackers. Additionally, always schedule your 6 month checkup with Catonsville Dental Care ot ensure that your teeth are in tip-top shape! 

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