What To Know About Gingivitis


Learn all about gingivitis.

Everyone wants to have shiny, white teeth and pink, healthy gums, but many people do not go through the proper steps to achieve it.  If you do not have a strict dental hygiene regimen, you can easily develop gingivitis, which is one of the first stages of gum disease.  Fortunately, gingivitis is easy to treat and reverse, but it is a health issue that you need to take seriously.  If you do not go through the steps to treat gingivitis, you potentially lose one or more teeth.


Gingivitis is a very common oral hygiene issue and occurs when plaque builds up on the teeth and gums.  Poor oral hygiene is a common cause of gingivitis, which includes inconsistent brushing and flossing. Many times irregular visits to the dentist is a cause of gingivitis, so it is essential that you have check-ups at least twice a year for a cleaning.  Smoking, stress, and puberty are factors that increase the risk of developing gingivitis.


Gingivitis is fairly obvious to notice, but it is critical that you take action when you notice the symptoms.  Healthy gums are firm and tight as well as a pale pink color. So, gums are affected by gingivitis are swollen, dark red, and bleed easily after brushing.  It important that you seek dental attention when you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms. The last thing you want is to develop periodontal disease, which is the most serious form of gum disease.


As mentioned a few times in this blog, it is critical that you visit your dentist at least one to times a year for regular checkups.  You should also be brushing your teeth at least twice a day with antimicrobial toothpaste. Make sure that you are brushing your tongue because plaque tends to build up in that area of your mouth.  Do not forget to floss between your teeth because you tend to remove plaque that a toothbrush fails to do.

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