What Are “Hidden” Sugars and How Can They Hurt Your Teeth?

You know this is horrible for your teeth, but so are many other foods and drinks that you think are harmless!

You know this is horrible for your teeth, but so are many other foods and drinks that you think are harmless!

Even though you know how bad sugar is for your teeth, and even though you go to great lengths to avoid it in great quantities, the sad fact is that even passing up candy, ice cream and cake isn’t necessarily enough to ward off cavities and other sugar-related tooth issues. Many foods have “hidden” sugars that will cause cavities and tooth decay just as surely as downing spoonfuls of unadulterated sugars will. Learning what those foods are will help in the never-ending fight against cavities.

What Foods Have Hidden Sugars?

Honestly, too many to list here. At Catonsville Dental Care, we’re only too happy to give you the major offenders, but it’s always smart to check the sugar content on nutritional labels before you imbibe.

Oatmeal: Avoid the pre-packaged, flavor variety packets and dress up your oatmeal with nuts and fruit.

Protein Bars: Unsalted almonds or peanuts are a much healthier choice for your teeth.

Salad Dressing: Low-fat salad dressing can be chock-full of sugar. Go for vinegar or lemon juice with olive oil instead.

Granola: There’s a health-halo effect for granola. People think that by munching on it, it can help your diet. However, it’s thickly coated with sugar. Opt out of it for a healthier option, like actual fruits.

Milk: All milk has sugar in it, so be wary when you pair it with sugary cereals. It may not bode well for your dental health.

Iced Tea: Unsweetened tea is your best option since natural tea doesn’t have any sugars. Sweet teas are filled to the brim with sugar.

Sports Drinks: While they’re a great way to quench your thirst after a long work out, they’re packed with sugar and aren’t nearly as healthy as you’d imagine, given how loaded with calories they also are.

Catonsville Dental Care, Your Partner for Avoiding Hidden Sugars

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