What a Cavity Filling is Like

What a Cavity Filling is Like
This might sound daunting, but getting a cavity filled is a low-risk and easy procedure.

If you’ve got a cavity, there is no need to fear. Cavities are very common, and plenty of people have had one at some point. The solution to getting rid of a cavity is having it filled. This involved replacing any decayed tooth material with a filling material created from composite resin, ionomers, amalgam, ceramics, or even gold. This might sound daunting, but getting a cavity filled is a low-risk and easy procedure. There are a few things you can expect to happen when you need to get your cavity filled. Note any procedures can differ from dentist to dentist. Read on to learn what a cavity filling is like!

First, Your Mouth Gets Numbed

The dentist will probably start by applying a jelly-like substance to your tooth along with the surrounding gums, skin, and more. This will begin the numbing process, which the dentist will top off with some anesthetic injection into the gum and around your tooth. A few dentists might also provide nitrous oxide to help you wind down, especially if you’ve got a history of dental anxiety.

The Dentist May Insert a Rubber Dam

In certain cases, placing this rubber sheet inside your mouth could help the dentist better access the tooth in question. It could also prevent any liquids or tooth chips from falling into your mouth or throat during the cavity filling process.

They Will Remove Any Decay

The dentist will then use a laser, drill, or air abrasion instrument to remove all of the decayed tooth material. This sounds scary, but the numbing agents that were used in the start of the cavity filling procedure will help ensure the process is painless. After they have removed all the decayed material, the dentist will clean through the affected space.

The Dentist Will Fill the Cavity

Removing the decayed materials leaves an open space in your tooth, which your dentist will fill using one of the named materials above. Filling the hole helps prevent any bacteria from congregating in that space, which will provide protection against further decay. Once the dentist has created the filling, they will shape it and polish it to confirm that it isn’t messing with your bite. From the start to the finish, the process of filling a cavity will take under an hour, and in some instances, it might take less than 15 minutes.

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