How Fluoride Strengthens Your Teeth and Improves Your Smile

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Most people realize that fluoride is an important part of maintaining optimal oral health, but those same people often aren’t sure exactly what fluoride does and why it helps. Here are four of the many ways that fluoride helps your smile stay bright and healthy every day of the year.

Fluoride 101

Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in the Earth. It is added into tap water, food, and dental products because it is so effective at helping to fight cavities. Fluoride works by combatting the bacteria and sugars that work overtime to eat away at your teeth. Even before baby teeth emerge children benefit from ingesting fluoride that helps to further fortify their chompers.

Fluoride Strengthens Your Teeth

Fluoride works by touching the surface of your teeth and being absorbed into the enamel itself. Fluoride repairs the enamel by adding in the calcium and phosphorus that your teeth have lost over time. Fluoride is an important element of the re-mineralization process to strengthen your teeth and further guard against tooth decay. As a result, this mighty mineral can actually stop the decay process from occurring and prevent any tooth decay from appearing.

Fluoride is Healthy

Fluoride has been proven to be safe and incredibly effective when it is properly used. Tap water is tested every day to make sure that the fluoride levels within it are stable and appropriate. If your dentist prescribes you a topical fluoride product to use, as long you are using it in the proper doses and as prescribed, it is incredibly safe to use. Fluoride helps to brighten and strengthen your smile, and it’s a perfectly healthy thing to incorporate into your oral health routine.

It Is Part of Proper Oral Health Care

Last, but not least, fluoride application is one of the most important parts of your dental hygienist visits. Fluoride helps to prevent cavities and, as a result, also prevent root canals and tooth extractions. A proper fluoride application is the best way to end your hygienist visit, and it will help you stay healthy every day you aren’t visiting your dentist at Catonsville Dental Care.

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