4 Ways to Maintain Your Dental Health this Summer

Discover how you can maintain your healthy smile all summer long!

Taking care of your teeth in the summer doesn’t need to be a tall task. There are many simple ways that you can still prioritize your oral health while away on summer vacation or making a splash in the pool. Here are four of our finest summer dental hygiene tips to have fun this summer (and stay away from the dentist’s emergency office!).

Prioritize Dental Hygiene

When schedules are changing and children are out of school, it can often feel like all other responsibilities shift to the wayside. Plan on reminding your children several times a day during the summer to brush and floss their teeth. Summer is also a great time to swap out old toothbrushes for new ones. Make sure that you also have travel toothbrushes and travel toothpaste for days and nights away from home. When you plan ahead, it’s easy to prioritize your oral health.

Get Your Check-Ups

Late summer is one of the busiest times of year in most dental offices, as parents put off scheduling their child’s check-up until school is about to begin. To avoid the rush and still get your check-up taken care of while you have a high degree of flexibility, schedule it for July (or even sooner). This way, you will get a clean bill of health for the rest of the summer and be able to enjoy a vacation without worrying over the potential cavity in your molar.

Keep the Kitchen Healthy

For many kids and parents alike, summer is a time of eating highly acidic foods and unknowingly doing damage to their teeth. Aim to have lots of fruits and vegetables clean, cut, and ready-to-eat in the refrigerator at all times. Candy and cookies are a fun way to spend one evening of summer, but they shouldn’t be everyday habits at all. Encourage the kids to grab apples and strawberries instead of fruit strips and sugary snacks.

Watch Out for Danger

In the summer, many children participate in physical activities that they wouldn’t be doing the rest of the year. Unfortunately, some of these activities, like swimming, can be hazardous to oral health if the proper rules are not obeyed. Make sure that you teach your children why it is so important not to run near the pool or make any dangerous jumps.

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