Why Do My Teeth Need Fluoride Treatments?

You have seen advertisements for fluoride toothpaste and seen it used routinely at your dentist’s, but do you actually know the importance of regular fluoride treatments? They have much more significance than you may think. Your Catonsville dentist, who will incorporate fluoride as a preventative dentistry measure, is here to explain why treating your teeth with this special mineral can make a huge difference to your oral health as a whole.

fluoride treatments What is Fluoride and How Does It Keep Teeth Healthy?

 Your teeth’s enamel is made up of minerals that protect your teeth from damage and decay. As you eat, however, plaque can form on the enamel’s surface and start to break down those minerals in a process aptly known as demineralization. This can easily lead to tooth decay and make your teeth weak and susceptible to damage. In order to maintain a healthy mouth, you have to reverse this process and “remineralize” your teeth with the help of fluoride treatments. Why are special treatments necessary? While fluoride does occur naturally in some types of food and in water, it is best to supplement those smaller levels by using fluoride as a part of your regular cleaning at your Catonsville dentist’s to ensure you are getting the maximum amount of protection.

 What Kinds of Fluoride Treatments Are Available to Me?

Fluoride treatments can come in a wide variety of forms. Toothpastes fortified with fluoride can be used to remineralize teeth, as can mouth rinses, gel applications, and even prescription tablets for those who need an extra dose.  Not only is fluoride a preventative treatment that can stop decay from happening, but if applied correctly, it can even reverse the effects of tooth decay in its early stages!

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