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Many Patients Are Eligible for Sedation Dentistry

Today we will share some facts about sedation dentistry. If you’re a Columbia, MD resident who needs dental work but stepping inside of a doctor’s office is not your cup of tea; you’re not alone. Some people refuse to step foot inside a dentist’s office for treatment because it gives them anxiety. However, avoiding the dentist’s office can have damaging effects on a person’s dental health. Sedation dentistry empowers patients to receive the care that they need without feeling unnerved. For anyone who has to inhale and exhale at the thought of coming to see a dentist, here are a few helpful facts about dental sedation

Many Patients Are Eligible for Sedation Dentistry

Office-based anesthesia is an entirely safe option for patients who want to feel more comfortable about dental procedures. Patients that best qualify for it are adults, children, and those with special needs that experience dental phobias and anxiety, excessive gagging, and trouble staying still. 

Anesthesia is An Ancient Practice

Dentistry dates back to as long ago as 7000 B.C. during the Indus Valley Civilization. However, around 5000 B.C. is when the concept of “tooth decay” started being analyzed. Colgate quotes the ancient Egyptian high official Hesy-Ra as the first documented dentist. In 2250 B.C., a Babylonian clay tablet documents a remedy for cavities. Egyptians also recorded the use of crude analgesics and sedatives coming from the mandrake fruit. 

Fast forward to 1723, and Pierre Fauchard, a French physician, published a book called “The Surgeon Dentist,” which outlined the first comprehensive dentistry system. Then, in 1846, Dr. Horace Wells pioneered the use of anesthesia in dentistry. Dental phobias have existed for centuries, and it’s comforting to know that breakthroughs in relieving this fear have advanced throughout history and continue to do so. 

Sedation Dentistry Is Useful for Short and Long-Term Procedures 

Most patients don’t have any recollection of their dental procedure when they opt for dental sedation services. IV sedation enables patients to endure shorter and longer procedures regardless of the complexity. It’s beneficial to make the most out of one visit versus needing to schedule multiple appointments. 

If you’re a Columbia, MD resident interested in sedation dentistry, you can stop your search. We make it our mission to use gentle practices to relax any patient, from young to old

Sedation Dentistry from Catonsville Dental Care for Columbia, MD Patients

Whether you want to whiten your teeth, straighten your teeth or have a wisdom tooth extracted Catonsville Dental Care offers a wide variety of services when it comes to oral health. We have the experience and understanding to diagnose and treat any problem you have as quickly and painlessly as possible. With four dentists available at our office and commitment to comfort, safety, and relaxation you can’t find a better provider for your health. We look forward to helping you keep your smile perfect all year long and talking with you about your needs. To schedule an appointment or consultation, visit us online or give us a call at 410-747-1115. For more tips and tricks follow us on Facebook, Flickr,Twitter,andYouTube.

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