Oral Health Tips For When You Have A Cold

Learn how to maintain your oral health even when your sick.

It is officially November which means cold and flu season is upon us causing many people to sniffle and sneeze and stock up on cold medicine.  When you are sick, you might not have the energy to keep up with your regular hygiene tasks so you might neglect your oral health.  It is critical that you continue brushing your teeth and eating the right foods even when you are under the weather.  Luckily, there are few simple ways to maintain your oral health when you have a cold.  

Stay Hydrated

It is critical to drink a lot of water when you are sick because the more the fluids you consume, the better chance you have of fighting infection.  A common symptom of having a cold is dry mouth which makes you prone to cavities and gum disease.  Saliva helps eliminate bacteria that cause cavities, so it is critical to drink plenty of fluids to increases the saliva in your mouth.  Many cold medicines you take to relieve your sickness can cause dry mouth, so it is important to stay hydrated.

Don’t Forget To Brush

Brushing your teeth is an obvious oral health task, but you might not feel up to it when you have a cold.  It is vital to brush your teeth twice a day when you have a cold so you can continue having a healthy mouth once you are feeling better.  Make sure to replace your toothbrush once you get over your cold because it still has harmful bacteria that can reinfect you.

Gargle and Spit

Regardless of the severity of your cold, you should gargle with warm salt water to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth.  If you happen to puke when you are sick, it is critical to gargle before brushing your teeth.  You should gargle with warm water that has one teaspoon of baking soda in it to wash away the acid of the puke from your teeth.  After you gargle, wait 30 minutes then brush your teeth.

Oral Care from Catonsville Dental Care

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