Nights Guards Protect Teeth From Harmful Grinding


Buying the right night guard is the solution to excruciating pain caused by grinding.

We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve had a tough work week or are going through a lot in your personal life, stress can alter your body’s equilibrium in many ways. Grinding the teeth at night is a sign of being overwhelmed. Often, you won’t be aware of your nightly oral clenching until you feel it in your jaws the next day. The added pressure, scraping, and shifting that occurs while forcefully biting down cause serious dental problems. Being aware of the signs and consulting a professional dentist about possible solutions will help keep those pearly whites strong and shining! Read on to find out if you are, in fact, grinding your teeth at night and how night guards can help!

Signs You Are Grinding Your Teeth

Constant headaches and sore jaws are the two number one signs you’re grinding your teeth at night. The unrelenting pressure weighing down on molars will have you experiencing some serious pain! Your bite force is powerful! Your partner will be able to hear the scraping enamel. In severe cases, tooth grinding will cause fracturing, or worse, tooth loss. Running around with missing, loose, or broken teeth majorly impacts your dental health. Missing tooth pockets, fractured dentin fissures, and pockets between the gums could cause serious infection! Don’t let your grinding go unchecked when there are easy ways to prevent it! Call your dentist today!

Night Guards Can Help!

Nights guards are plastic, retainer-like coverings worn over the upper teeth. The material is thick and shock-resistant so that when biting occurs, teeth will not collide and the force is softened. Nocturnal bite slips or plates may be given to you, as well, if grinding is severe. Night guards are easily cared for by using soap and water and, afterwards, placing them in a firm, porous container. Don’t be ashamed of your dental maladies! Fix them today, and alleviate all that unnecessary soreness!

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