Dentures: What Are False Teeth Made Out Of?


Gone are the days of animal bones and lead! Learn more about how dentures are made today.

Long gone are the days of using animal bones to make false teeth. Used to fit seemingly realistic replacement teeth in the area where the authentic counterpart has either fallen out dentures serve as support for the surrounding soft and hard tissues of a missing tooth. Whether you need full or partial dentures, knowing what they’re made of is always important. The material of anything you’re going to be placing in your sensitive oral cavity should be known. This week we’ll provide you with a wide range of information on the history of dentures and their 21st-century makeup.

Gone Are The Days Of Organic Bone

George Washington famously sported a set of teeth made from lead, human teeth, cow teeth, and elephant ivory. Once we discovered that lead is highly toxic, and replacement organic teeth rot just as quickly as the teeth they’re trying to replace other solutions were sought. Today’s dentures are made from various types of resin, and porcelain. Porcelain has the same shining, opaque coloration as your natural tooth and is the heating processes involved in making the material into dentures yields a long lasting product. Acrylic resin has become the most commonly employed denture material today. Adhering more securely, acrylic resin is more easily adjusted than porcelain to fit perfectly in the gap caused by a missing tooth. It’s also significantly less expensive than porcelain and lighter in weight. If you feel you need dentures, porcelain is best for full dentures and acrylic resin is best for partial dentures.

Framework Support

Dentures require plates to secure the false teeth in place. Made from either acrylic resin or metal. Acrylic resin plates blend in naturally with the surrounding gum line. They can be tinted to match your gum lines’ natural color. Chrome cobalt metal denture framework, however, are less likely to break. They also provide a better fit making them ideal for partial dentures whose plate is able to be hidden behind remaining teeth.

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