Myths About Cavities And Tooth Decay Debunked!

Throughout the years, cavities have become the focus of several interesting myths. But perhaps even more interesting is how many of these myths are often mistaken for facts. Because of this blurring between fact and fiction, we at Leikin & Baylin Dental Care decided to play a little game. Let’s see how many of the following scenarios you can correctly identify as Cavity Fact or Cavity Myth.Operation

1) Soft Drinks and Acidic Food can Cause Cavities…Cavity Myth!

However, while soda and acidic foods do not cause cavities, they can cause serious damage to your tooth enamel, promoting tooth decay.

2) Kids are more likely to develop Cavities than Adults…Cavity Myth!

In fact, over the last 20 years, instances of tooth decay and cavities are down in school-aged children, while they are up among senior citizens.

3) Once a Cavity is Treated, Decay Stops…Cavity Fact!

Once it is removed and treated, that particular decay is gone forever. You can, however, develop decay in other areas of the tooth.

4) All Fillings will eventually need replacing…Cavity Myth!

Unless something goes wrong, you can keep the same filling your entire life.

5) Cavities are more likely to develop in Gaps, Cracks, or the Area between Teeth…Cavity Fact!

Cavities are always more likely to develop in areas where bacteria can hide from your tooth brush. This is why flossing is so important.

6) Tooth Sensitivity means you have a Cavity…Cavity Myth!

Tooth sensitivity could just mean you have hypersensitive teeth, or gum recession has exposed some root surface. There are many reasons why a tooth may be sensitive – tooth decay is just one of them.

7) Brushing your Teeth and Flossing Regularly is the best way to prevent Cavities…Cavity Fact!

By flossing and brushing twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of cavities.

8 ) If you have a Cavity, you will know it…Cavity Myth!

Mild tooth decay and cavities don’t cause symptoms. The pain commonly associated with cavities comes from advanced tooth decay, which has caused damage to the nerve.

So how did you do? Were you able to sort Cavity Fact from Cavity Myth?

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15 Myths and Facts About Cavities

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